Payment Gateways

1. Wire Transfer

Wire transfer is the simplest and most secure payment gateway available. NixServers accepts wire transfers in EUR and RON.

After you have placed your order you will receive a proforma invoice which is due in 10 days. You can pay it at any bank you desire according to the payment instructions on the proforma invoice.

The disadvantage of this payment gateway is the long processing time it takes for the funds to be received, which can increase your delivery time.

2. Online Credit Card

You can pay for your services by using your credit card, through one of the available credit card processors: Paypal, MobilPay, Moneybookers (Skrill) & Payza. After you have made your payment please allow up to one hour for payment confirmation in order to avoid double payments in case you do not receive an instant payment receipt from our systems.

3. Virtual Payments (Paypal / Skrill / Payza)

Paypal, Skrill & Payza are the most used virtual payment processors for international payments and allow you to make instant payments without you having to make use of your bank or your credit card.