Data Center

TIER Data Center

Optimal housing for IT equipment

NixServers is the main operator present in TIER Data Center. All servers are proactively monitored 24x7 and held in special server racks that ensure proper electricity, cooling and Internet bandwidth so that customers can have a great experience when using our services.

data center floor

Intelligent Cooling

We cool our IT systems through the use of our technical floor installed in the server rooms. For this we use a hybrid green system that we designed combined with standard hot isle / cold isle cooling and together with fresh air from outside. Our redundant cooling system ensures proper temperature and humidity for our systems even in the hottest periods of the year.

No downtime in case of power failure

Major downtime incidents are generally due to power failures for long periods of time due to power plants electrical transformers failing. In order to maintain high quality services we constantly monitor our input electricity quality. We are also powered from two 1,5 MW transformers for dual input and we also implement protection systems for our electrical circuits as well as through our UPS systems. In case of prolongued power failures your servers will be powered transparently through our diesel backup generators.

Data Network

We manage a fully redundant multi-homed data network identified by AS50515 as well as a redundant internal network. We rely on latest cloud core technologies for network redundancy and stability, produced by only best hardware manufacturers. In order to ensure service quality during unplanned maintenance we also employ vrrp-like technologies to make sure that your data is not disrupted in case of hardware failures or upgrades to networking software.

Our simplified network topology

Data Center Romania